Meeting Place

‘Meeting Place’ situates itself at the key juncture in the city of Oslo outside Stortinget metro station that since 1987 has connected the Eastern and Western metro lines. It has become a popular ‘meeting place’ in the city, and a space that many people are passing through on a journey where both tourists and local residents meet before they travel further. Stortinget has also been a centre for many public demonstrations and where people meet for discussions with politicians.

This project re-thinks this public space and re-evaluates the importance of the meeting place from different perspectives including the physical, social, cultural and political boundaries and barriers that any transitory space brings to the city. ‘Meeting Place’ here becomes somewhere to meet friends, as a new place that a stranger to the city might find themselves, as a new social space for people and culture and importantly a place where you can visibly see a diversity of people that represent a cosmopolitan vision through modern migration of different people outside of their homeland. By placing ‘Migrant Car’ in this pace allows to activate it in new possibilities where the public will be given the opportunity to express their ideas of what possibilities might open up to those willing to ‘meet’ others and engage in a ‘place’ as part of a modern society.

Project producer: Daryna Grin

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