‘ReMapping’ is an evolving performative research project in public space in response to the movements of ‘Migrant Car’ using the object to investigate the very streets of Oslo. By moving, migrating and displacing oneself through this public space might proposes questions as to how these movements could bring new meanings to cultural encounters in an urban context.

Part of the project during a set time in June will include Kalldal working directly with Alberto Rossi in a piece that questions what happens in different areas of Oslo city centre in the late hours? What kind of ambiances are there which are not seen by day? These are some of the questions that form the basis of ‘ReMapping’ as a whole. The aim is to find out what happens in the space of the night that might be brought back to the public space of the city, collected by drifting through the streets. By record happenings and encounters during the night time the artists will make edited versions of the night visible to passers-by in the daytime. These soundscapes made the previous night will then play in public space through a speaker installed in ‘Migrant Car’ connecting and building on this project. This audio tracks will be edited fragments of the urban landscape of the night, snatched conversations with strollers, late-night workers and the sounds of migrant situations through the city centre working.

#osloremapping #katjaprojects

Project producer: Marielle Kalldal and Alberto Rossi

07 JUNE – 19 AUGUST, 2019: Unplanned interventions in Oslo car-free zone.

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