Radio Migrante

The project ‘Migrant Radio’ turns “Migrant Car’ into a broadcasting device, drawing upon the use of cars as a social space for listening to and playing music publicly. The idea mimics the actions of listening and playing music while driving through the streets, a situation often experienced in the taxis of Oslo, predominantly manned by migrants. In a time that many traverse the city with headphones and personal playlists, ‘Migrant Radio’ takes you back to the experience of the taxi where we might get exposed to other sounds from distant countries connecting to other popular music at any one moment.

In this situation a carefully curated selection of music will be played from ‘Migrant Car’ that connects to recent narratives of migration in Oslo. Whether Somalian music from the 90s, from the period after the civil war that forced many to seek refuge in Europe, or Pakistani music from the 70s, representing a period when young men came to seek unskilled jobs in Norway or Syrian music from a more recent wave of refugees. The music playing will be interspersed with data and facts on migration giving a political not only a cultural dimension to this sound piece. As ‘Migrant Car’ becomes ‘Migrant Radio’ bystanders and those interested will be invited into the car to discuss the project and to record the conversations that might develop on the journey as well as collecting suggestions to expand the playlist.

Project producer: Alessandro Marchi

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