Green Room

‘Green Room’ becomes a conceptional, relational and interactive space in the city where passers-by are invited to sit down in conversation over a cup of mint tea. Conversations are instigated through a series of pre-designed questions that the project designers will ask participants around questions of neighbourliness, cultural traditions, social values and memories. ‘Green Room’ seeks to unite people and cultures and encourage participants to share their views with each other and to listen to the experiences and opinions of others. The ceremony of making and offering mint tea is a nod to a tradition of welcome, of sharing and hospitality to strangers while adding a sensory experience to the encounter. Mint here also symbolises a migrant history and culture having originated in Asia with an associated symbolic value of health benefits and association with traditions in many different parts of the world.

Project producers: Julie Brauteset Henning, Idunn Yr Alman-Kaas and Carina Marwell Hansen

01 AUGUST – 10 AUGUST, 2019: Fridtjof Nansens Plass, OSLO

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