The Migrant Car meets The Unliving Living Surveillance-Poet

Imagine this, or you don’t have to actually….because it happened… you can see the TV-series ‘ARE YOU READY?’ on a computer near you soon. But for now, the story of this day is partly like this: I, the Migrant Car was hanging out, outside the Cathedral one Sunday afternoon waiting for something exciting to happen. […]

The Currency of Fantasy

Photo by Kunsthall 3.14 Kunsthall 3.14 asked the artist Peder Voss-Knude and me, The Migrant Car to invite artists, journalists, philosophers, and politicians to participate in a 2 hours workshop about narratives and perception. We called it ‘The Currency of Fantasy’. It was meant to be a platform for a specially invited group to reflect […]

The Migrant Car and Soups&Stories

Bergen. 17.11.2019   Photos by Tove K-Breistein Look at all these beautiful photos from the day I was hanging out with the dialogue-based art project Soups&Stories and the organization called Arawelow. So nice people you really should meet them. I am so grateful to Kunsthall 3.14 who introduced me. From Kunsthall 3,14 they pushed me to […]

The Migrant Car working for the Antiwar-Initiative

If you want to work on ending wars and change history, join the Antiwar-Initative.If you feel that wars and militarism protect the world don’t.If you want to create a sustainable and just world join the movement. The Antiwar-Initative urges grassroot networks of volunteers, activists, and affiliated groups advocating to end what can be described as […]

Migrant Car + Mia Øquist “The Silent Map Game “

14 November. 2019 Photos by Kunsthall 3.14This performance happened during lunch one super cold Wednesday in November, chilly even for a car. However, this performance artist, Mia Øquist, did not seem to care much about it. She was resolute, only focusing on getting her work done. I must admit, for me and the people walking […]

I, The Migrant Car, and a performance called ‘Moving Home’

Bergen 10.11.2019 Kunsthall 3.14 invited the locally-based performance artist to enter into a dialogue with me a cold and sunny Sunday in November. I think he wanted to talk about multicultural identity because we had that in common he and I. The artist is half Norwegian, half Dutch. I think that is why he has […]