Border Threads

What is a border? ‘Border Threads’ is a project about working together, with borders and across borders to make a cover for ‘Migrant Car’. In August 2019 outside the international food hall VIPPA, 500 pieces of small artworks produced in workshops in Oslo Turkey, Lebanon, Syria and Greece will be stitched and mounted together by the artists and participants. Every individual piece will tell its own story about individuals and borders. In a contemporary global and digital world where goods, money and information have an increased freedom of movement we also see an increasing restriction on the movement of people, especially migrants and refugees. Many of the participants of this project live as refugees in other countries unable to avail of these freedoms. Because of borders they cannot be present in Oslo, but their work can and will tell their stories for them in this project.

#borderthreads facebook/borderthreads

Project producer: Camilla Dahl

16-17 AUGUST, 2019: Open Textile Workshop and Ceremony: VIPPA Akershusstranda 21, OSLO

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