Occupation // The Act of Occupying

30.07.19 What is the means of public space? And in what way will occupation of space become the very notion of emancipation? During June, ReMapping has researched the means of using public space. By moving Migrant Car around the city centre of Oslo, ReMapping has purposed physical enquiries to articulate issues of space. “For me […]

Green Room

31.07.19 Tomorrow Green Room will be holding their public mediation program at Fridtjof Nansens plass together with Migrant Car creating a popup meetingspot for passersby. Here you can dig into already-made questions about several intimate topics encouraging conversations with a friend or a stranger. Green Room started out as a pilot project at OsloMet, trying […]

Preparations for Border Threads Workshop at VIPPA

28.07.19 Border Threads is preparing the background garment for the final piece out of a long period of collaborative work that has been done in countries in Europe and the Middle East. Border Threads discuss the topic of borders – What is it and in what way can art work against the physical borders that […]