‘Albertine’ is borrowed from Christian Krohgs famous book that captures an atmosphere specific to Oslo at the end of the 1800s, focusing on the poverty and prostitution that characterised Vika of the day, before it was redeveloped. Today, the waterfront is a place for established cultural institutions, finance and leisure. By moving the car to different historic sites within the car free zone, some of which do not exist anymore, this project hopes to spark engagement with Oslo’s rich history with passersby by focusing on city development and local cultural heritage. Collaborating with the local artist Olav Tokerud who for the last three years has been drawing sites and buildings in Oslo gathering useful knowledge about the city’s history. Tokerud has been invited to draw the sites which will then be added to an interactive map where they will serve to visualise and help users navigate the routes.

Project producer: Tiril Flom

15 – 19 JUNE, 2019: Rådhusplassen 1, OSLO

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