The Migrant Car meets The Unliving Living Surveillance-Poet

Imagine this, or you don’t have to actually….because it happened… you can see the TV-series ‘ARE YOU READY?’ on a computer near you soon. But for now, the story of this day is partly like this: I, the Migrant Car was hanging out, outside the Cathedral one Sunday afternoon waiting for something exciting to happen. And to my surprise something exciting did happen! Suddenly a dead stick came along. It called itself for the Unliving Living Surveillance-Poet and it was looking for the Faculty of Humanism. We went together on this mission, all of a sudden the Unliving Living Surveillance-Poet went bananas when we passed the statue of Ludvig Holberg down by the water. I have never before experienced somebody getting so excited about a white man on a pole before. I thought it was just another white colonial ruler and to be honest, I have had enough of those. But the poet had read Holberg and could tell me a lot about his plays and character. He did seem like a pioneer of his time, a bit like Elon Musk I guess, but still on this planet even though Holberg fantasied about talking trees. The poet told me about a place in Holberg universe called Potu and how it was discovered by someone called Nils Klim, and when this Klim started to walk around in the landscape of Potu. He was attacked by an ox…and when he tries to escape the ox, he climbs up the nearest tree. And then…then the tree starts screaming. The poet is a talking tree so it is quite obvious that it likes Holberg. The poet became so angry when people just walked by without noticing us or the sculpture of this artist.
Anyways when the poet finally got over Holberg we kept on surging for the Faculty of Humanism. I still do not know why the Unliving Living Surveillance-poet was so obsessed with finding the Faculty, actually, it was not only enough to find the faculty, we had to find a specific department… The Department of Linguistics, Literary and Aesthetic studies. I think it had something to do with the poet trying to understand and help the human project somehow. It had something to do with aid, help to remember what they have forgotten about being human. What a task! I am glad I am just a taxi helping out here and there. Helping civilization as we know it sounds more like a full-time job for a collective force. But somebody got to start, and they need to find each other. I would drive them wherever they need to go. Because I am the Migrant Car.

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