The Currency of Fantasy

Photo by Kunsthall 3.14

Kunsthall 3.14 asked the artist Peder Voss-Knude and me, The Migrant Car to invite artists, journalists, philosophers, and politicians to participate in a 2 hours workshop about narratives and perception. We called it ‘The Currency of Fantasy’. It was meant to be a platform for a specially invited group to reflect and get some inspiration and tools, hoping this can be of use in our different practices and daily resistance towards polarization and other destructive forces. He had hoped for many participants but did not manage really to get people engaged. It seems like humans are very busy living their lives and do not have much time to think and work with side projects like this. We were very said about it because we believe that how we choose to write, talk and think about the world around us, is in many ways, what shapes and defines it. 

Our abilities to make sense of the world is strongly linked to language and the ability to listen to the spoken and the unspoken. How we process, how we communicate is therefore strongly linked to how we shape and prepare the future.

To help us enter into this large and quite abstract topic our idea was that some examples would be brought forth. Like the project ‘Migrant Car’ a moving sculpture, a 1:1 artistic rendering of a British-Indian car with a post-colonial history. A project by Ed D´Souza, which is part of osloBIENNALEN FIRST EDITION 2019-24. This was when I, The Migrant Car was standing outside the host institution in Bergen, Kunsthall 3.14. Now some weeks later I am standing outside the HF-building by UiB. Maybe it is a possibility that our conversation can manifest itself somehow during this time. Let´s see…

The book that is laying on the sites inside me, The Migrant Car is a script for a national terror exercise for the Danish military. It´s called KRISØV17 and the script is translated and disused by the very interesting artist that I am collaborating with, Peter Voss-Knude. And to top it all off and make it even more playful and serious we had an idea to mashup me, The Migrant Car and the terror exercise with the Unliving Living Surveillance-Poet. Them is a dead tree from the Hybrid TV-Series ‘Are You Ready?’ We had hoped this could trigger an exited conversation about narratives for perception and the currency of fantasy. But unfortunately, it never happened. Maybe one day we are all ready for it….

 But you should read the book KRISØV17, listen to the sound installation we have made outside the Faculty of Humanities and don’t miss the web page:​

The project ‘Are You Ready? (

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