The Migrant Car and Soups&Stories

Bergen. 17.11.2019  

Photos by Tove K-Breistein

Look at all these beautiful photos from the day I was hanging out with the dialogue-based art project Soups&Stories and the organization called Arawelow. So nice people you really should meet them. I am so grateful to Kunsthall 3.14 who introduced me.

From Kunsthall 3,14 they pushed me to an open public square in Bergen called ‘Torgallmenning’, it was many curious people there doing their Saturday shopping, after a while, we walked to Bergen Domkirke. The place for my next collaboration project with the prests.

We called our day crossing the city for ‘MY THOUGHTS ARE FREE’ a parade without words. No words but still an exchange of thoughts. Migrants looking at random people, random people looking at us.

You know, it´s important to meet across social groups, after parading the city for we all gathered inside a warmer space. We formed groups of three and shared personal stories about questions and causees we at present are engaged in. We shared an extraordinary tasteful meal. What a beautiful day we had.

As Katrine Meisfjord told me: ‘We are all the result of having grown up and lived in specific realities. We move in social circles where people believe and feel similarly about important issues’. I totally agree with her that dialogue across social groups allows us to take part in realities outside our own. In this way, we can get a higher consciousness about our contemporary situation and our common history.

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