The Migrant Car working for the Antiwar-Initiative

If you want to work on ending wars and change history, join the Antiwar-Initative.
If you feel that wars and militarism protect the world don’t.
If you want to create a sustainable and just world join the movement.

The Antiwar-Initative urges grassroot networks of volunteers, activists, and affiliated groups advocating to end what can be described as the Colombian epoch.

I, The Migrant Car really urging you to join their network and help them spread the word about other possibilities of peaceful behavior and politics. It looks like they need some young, energetic and ceative people… people to help them work on divestment, closing military foreign bases in Norway, to get a whole lot more of global justice, informative educational events, hip media outreach, participate in nonviolent demonstrations and engaged humans in nonviolent civil resistance to wars and militarism, lobby elected officials and art-making.

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