Migrant Car + Mia Øquist “The Silent Map Game “

14 November. 2019

Photos by Kunsthall 3.14
This performance happened during lunch one super cold Wednesday in November, chilly even for a car. However, this performance artist, Mia Øquist, did not seem to care much about it. She was resolute, only focusing on getting her work done. I must admit, for me and the people walking by it was not easy to quite catch the purpose of her job…. But what is the purpose behind everything we do anyway?
We do things all the time, filling gas has a purpose, eating lunch has a purpose, but making art has its own purpose …. because we do not have to do it. If art was not produced or acted out, life would not only be boring but without meaning as far as I am concerned… then life would be like being a thing, something without a soul. And who wants to be without a soul and purpose. Not even a Migrant Car!

Ohh Dear. I enjoyed Mia Øquist embodied and abstract language. Her work made me think about the importance of fo art. Just imagine life without art? That would definitely not be the same as life with art. Hahaha, one smart Migrating Car I am. But I am telling you, this is important nonsense.
I, just love when humans and nonhumans make comments on culturally constructed worlds. Mia Øquist made my day and I believe it made many people jalouse on their way back to their so-called real job. Thank you Mia Øquist! And thank you OlsoBIENNALEN, Kunsthall 314, all of you who spent time with me and A Special Tanks to my creator Ed D’Souza.

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