I, The Migrant Car, and a performance called ‘Moving Home’

Bergen 10.11.2019

Kunsthall 3.14 invited the locally-based performance artist to enter into a dialogue with me a cold and sunny Sunday in November. I think he wanted to talk about multicultural identity because we had that in common he and I. The artist is half Norwegian, half Dutch. I think that is why he has this long and strange name…

Hans Christian Van Nijkerk was very good at getting people to talk, he really wanted to engage with everybody passing by us there on the street. So many nice encounters, I will never forget that Sunday and I think the people will too.

Hans Christian Van Nijkerk graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Tromsø in 2012. And he is very active in the performance scene in Bergen and he told me that he participates in many international performance festivals across the world. Super exciting and you can visit his website here: www.kerkart.com

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