The Migrant Car; a social room during The Meteor Festival

Upon arrival Kunsthall 3.14 immediately and very timely connected Meteor Festival and Me. I was parked for ten days at the grand square, Festplassen in Bergen and after I went down to USF Verftet. Do you know the place? The old Sardin factory by the ocean where they have all the cultural stuff going on. Anyways, I am hanging out with the fresh and artistically daring international theatre festival. Days and days with theatre, dance, music, visual imagery, poetry, and 3D performances. METEOR is held every second year by BIT Teatergarasjen and presents exciting performances by national and international artists and groups.
Humanism is one of the core values of the festival and institution and I think that is fantastic. And how they constantly highlight challenge established perspectives through ways of curating interesting social foras that may. I think I am a strategy in this work and I am so very happy to try and help them with this grand task. Just being part of the official program of Meteor 2019, I the Migrant Car stand side by side with performances and a discourse program. Multitude of ways we are together looking upon urgent, contemporary issues. I, the moving sculpture will be a public meeting point throughout the festival, both for the international guests, artists and the local inhabitants of Bergen. I became very good friends with the curator Karoline Skuseth, she has this beautiful long red hair. I wish I could have hair like that….I hope you don´t read this as car-chauvinist of me. It is not meant like that at all. I just like her… But one funny thing happened after not so funny but very important talk by Synniva Vik. Her talk is attached below actually, but she was talking about The List, the list of names, age and cause of death… yes of all the people who have tried to cross Festung Europe over the relating to the deaths of 36,570 people who have lost their lives within or on the borders of Europe since 1993 due to state policies (documented as of 1 April 2019). That was something deeply disturbing for a Migrant Car to listen to. But just after the talk all the participants were asked to leave the room and do someting concreat. They did not know what … but they ended up pushed me all the way down to a large square called Torgallmenningen. This Saturday was the FN International day and The Antiwar- Initiative had a stand there. They wanted me to help them handing out their flyers and trying to requite members for the peace movement. It was so many engaged people in all the stands, doing good.

Did I remember to tell you that Meteor 2019 is a biennale curated by BIT Teatergarasjen. 

If you are more curious have a look at the full list of credits:
Always know that you can find a lot of information at

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