Session #3: Karnevalet – Art / Restistance / Action
At Interkulturelt Museum, Tøyenbekken 5

Session #3 of the exhibition, Karvevalet presents a variety of artistic perspectives on societal engagement and resistance. Several of the projects are of a collective, participatory and socially engaged character, while others focus on political activism and protest. Through the exploration of art as a strategy of resistance, new concepts and criteria of art are being developed. We activate the carnival’s upside down perspective on society to emphasize creativity as practice, value and political power.

The projects are situated amidst the shifting tensions between educational and participatory views of art and art as a strategy for resistance and protest. Karnevalet has developed an active platform at the Intercultural Museum where a wide range of projects challenge the role of the audience as either recipients of art and culture or as co-creators. In this way, the exhibition shines a nuanced light on art’s diverse possibilities in contributing to the development of society.

Artists: Mona Bentzen, Katharina Barbosa Blad, Ed D’Souza, Guerrilla Plastic Movement, Kristin Hovland, Nesodden Land of the Free, Christopher Nielsen, Pain Solution, Lars Sandås, Trine Haaland/Maria Vagle, Oscar Regueiferos Videaud, Lill Yildiz Yalcin.

Karnevalet – Celebration and Protest

Exhibition project at the Intercultural Museum 4. April – 29. September 2019.

Curated by artists Camilla Dahl, Merete Steiro Mortensen, Lisa Pacini and researcher Venke Aure.

In Karnevalet we explore art and creativity as praxis, value and political force. We believe artistic freedom should be for all, both in a participatory and performative form. Together, we explore how the upside-down perspective of the carnival culture can activate new spaces of political engagement and how artistic expressions and strategies can be used to ridicule and resist systems of power.

In the exhibition, you will encounter various social and political art projects will develop throughout the exhibition period as a collaboration between artists, students, activists and all who wish to join in. Through political and academic conversations, workshops, and experimental activities, we will challenge established ideas and attitudes, and question the current societal realities in the spirit of the carnival.

Supported by Arts Council Norway, KORO and Fritt Ord.

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