Meeting Place


Meeting Place, a project produced by Daryna Grin was presenting today at Egertorget aka Stortinget. Daryna and Qi invited the public to discuss the meaning of Egertorget as a social meetingspot and gave reason to articulate the need of both creating and perserving places in the city. Below shows some of the encounters that took place during the day.

Photo: Qi Tan

“There were many people who visited the project and interacted with us during this day. The public has communicated their vision of Egertorget as a meeting place, e.g. for politics, marketing and consumerism. As Paul, the employee of the Ipsos office which conducts public polls to improve the market, remarked that there are many cafes, restaurants, boutiques and shops.”

Daryna Grin
Photo: Qi Tan

“Photographer John also noticed that the main purpose of this place is focused on consumption and additionally added that there is little space reserved for a more genuin cultural arena at Egertorget. John also argued that Egertorget had a certain political connotation. During party elections period like now everything is covered with billboards on Karl Johans Street.”

Photo: Qi Tan

“Two people also interpreted Migrant Car as a protest against too much traffic in the city centre and
the lack of space for pedestrians. Maud thought that I was a representative of some political party and
asked what the party was called to vote for it! It was also an evangelist who complained about the
traffic in the centre.”

“There were many tourists passing by. Many travelled together with their families, e.g. a family from the UK,
or a family from Hungary who had to move to Romania. They had been travelling for two weeks and had
just arrived from Sweden. There were also a lot of Norwegian families stopping by the have a chat. The family with African roots particularly loved the Migrant Car. The family had a great time interacting with the car and told us they regretted that they were not able to come here on August 15th again, as they were going to Nairobi for the holiday.”

Photo: Qi Tan

“We also met many passersby with foreign ancestry, e.g. Pakistan and India. On the same day the Mela festival (which means meeting) was celebrating art, culture and food near the Cityhall. Volonteers from an Indian restaurant at the festival handed out free Indian food samples along Karl Johan Street.”

Daryna Grin

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