A last Goodbye from Green Room


As Migrant Car is being part of the public space the risk of getting injured is high. On the last day of Green Room, Migrant Car was presented with some defects as we have seen earlier this summer.

“Today was the last day of Green Room and when we arrived at Fridtjof Nansens plass the car had been moved, the sign was stolen and the wheel lock laid broken on the hood. The car had a little damage on the left back side, but other than that the car was in good shape.”

Carina Marwell

As a result of Green Room, the producers has been lucky to meet a lot of people sharing their stories to one another and also it gives a good reason to reflect upon how we produce public space in manner to create social and cultural encounters.

“We feel so lucky to have met and spoken to so many interesting people from all over the world, right here at Fridtjof Nansens plass where we have parked together with the Migrant Car. Imagine how many interesting conversations we miss out on a daily basis, and all of the people we pass by and know nothing about. We have shared and learned through these last days with all the people we have met through this project. We are looking forward to follow the Migrant Car as it takes its last stop in Oslo at Vippa. Thank you to everyone who has participated and made this so special!”

Carina Marwell

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