From the First Perspective


The second day of Green Room was filled with summerheat. Green Room mediators got the chance to join in and experienced the project from a closer perspective joining the other participants for an intimate conversation about memories.

Photo: Julie Henning

“We had a bit of a slow start today. Perhaps because of the hot summer weather and people seeking shade. It seems like it’s easier for people to get involved when there’s already people at the tables. But after the first couple participated a few more tagged along. Many sat for a long time enjoying each others company. We even had three tables answering all the 25 questions, and one couple answered all except one. It was the following question; what is your most valuable memory and what is the worst? We made a short interview with these two participants where we talked about their experience of Green Room. There was quite a few single participants who wanted to partake in the project, so we joined in. It was very rewarding for us to experience Green Room first hand not only as mediators but as participants.”

Julie Henning

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