Occupation // The Act of Occupying


What is the means of public space? And in what way will occupation of space become the very notion of emancipation?

During June, ReMapping has researched the means of using public space. By moving Migrant Car around the city centre of Oslo, ReMapping has purposed physical enquiries to articulate issues of space.

Photo: Qi Tan

“For me it has been important to use the space as it was my own to desire. It is easy to think that oneself as much as anyone else has the right for the space in ones own city but the reality tells you that it is not like this. There are restrictions everywhere which oppresses the social bond. YOU CAN NOT BE HERE! YOU NEED TO MOVE NOW. WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE. YOU ARE PROHIBITED TO GO CLOSER.

Marielle Kalldal
Photo: Qi Tan

“The city seems to constantly produce certain space that either invite you in on a special premise or simply leave you on the outside. Moving around with Migrant Car, I became in some way migrant to my own city. There were several encounters where I was surprised how much restriction that came in the way for social meeting. I think for some reason this resembles much of how this space in question is taken for granted (and in many situations, ref. social and cultural habits). By doing these small actions as moving and displacing oneself through the city made me understand that aesthetics is an important motivator to push the boundaries of what ‘public’ could and should stand for.”

Marielle Kalldal

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