Different Strokes For Different Folks


On the 15th the Albertine project started its public journey of mediating some of the local history in Oslo. As a known fellow, the Migrant Car will participating this fiveday journey.

The first day started out mediating the Albertine relief. Here Tiril the mediator met many tourists being intrigued not only by the local history of Oslo but also the Migrant Car temporarly connected to the place of encounter. Tiril met also local people that shared their thoughts upon the daily routine seeing tourists occupied in front of the Albertine relief.

“We had a conversation with two locals working with IT across the street. They had noticed many tourists gathering daily around the Albertine relief from their office window, and had therefore researched its history. They seemed also curious and amused about the new artwork Migrant Car, now standing under this historic artwork they had just learned about.”

Tiril Flom
Photo: Milagros Gola Singh

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