Music and the Power of Connecting People


“Music is powerful. Yesterday was a day full of encounters, we stayed with the car next to the ferries, moving it back and forth a couple of times. I played music from Vietnam, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Poland, Turkey, Somalia, and more.

During the day I collected both songs from the passerby and personal stories.”

Photo: Alessandro Marchi

“Ta from Vietnam shared his story with us, he agreed on being recorded. He escaped his motherland when he was 11, on a boat directed to Malaysia, but during a storm they were rescued by a Norwegian tanker and so he started a new life here in Norway.

Another guy shared his story and wished to remain anonymous. He’s Kurdish and his brother was fighting for the Kurdish resistance guerrilla against Turkey. When he turned 20 he was forced to join the Turkey army and between the choice of combatting against his brother and joining the guerrilla he decided not to join any war and looked for asylum in Norway.”

Photo: Alessandro Marchi

“A group of Somali women made a lot of requests and turned the square into a dance floor.”

Alessandro Marchi

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