Radio Migrante


On Thursday Alessandro and co-host Taradol met at Grev Wedels plass. The car presented signs of intrusion, with broken door lock and beer cans and smoked cigarettes on the inside.

Photo: Alessandro Marchi

“We cleaned it up and started playing music from a little amplifier and the phone. First songs were from 1950s Hungary. With that soundtrack we started moving the car and the first stop was at Banken plass. There we attracted the attention of the restaurant customers, a group of tourists and people showing from the building windows. We then continued to Karl Johan which was full of people.”

Alessandro Marchi
Photo: Alessandro Marchi

“Moving with the car in the crowd while the music is playing it makes me feel like we are on a street parade with just one car though. We then stopped in front of Max Burgers by Stortinget T-Bane. There I was playing some vietnamse music when a guy called Tu approached us dancing. He’s really curious on why we play such music. It is from vietnam in the 70s and Tu tells me that he came to Norway 38 years ago, that’s his music from his youth in Saigon. He starts translating the lyrics to me, the songs talks about how much the singer misses her beloved one.”

Few minutes later a guy from Afghanistan approaches. He wants to make a movie of himself entering and going out from the car. He is with his wife and 3 months toddler. He is 22 years old and came to Norway in 2004. The guy requests a song that is playing, something very loud and contemporary from Afghanistan. Unfortunately YouTube could not remember what type of track it was, tells Alessandro.

Photo: Alessandro Marchi

“We then drove along the main street through Stortinget and through Rådhuset and down to the Pier. People are interacting a lot with us, dancing, walking along, asking questions, jumping on the car, requesting songs. We try to play music guessing the nationality of the people we find ourselves immersed in.”

Alessandro Marchi

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