Exchanges in the Street


Qi and her co-host moved the car nine different stops yesterday, including Freia, Stortorvet (tram station), Oslo Domkirke, Stortorvet Blomster, Lille Sumo, Norwegian brand store, 7/11, Grev Wedels Plass, Bankplassen. In the different stops, Qi wrote different poems in small neat cards which were related to the specific places.

“In front of Lille Sumo, I wrote a poem about Chengdu restaurant to describe that foreign cultures have been adapted to the local and it became a strange and funny phenomenon. Actually, the owner of this sushi restaurant is Chinese. So I ordered a diploma ice cream from this restaurant and exchanged my poem with the ice cream from the waiter.”

Qi Tan

After several encounters in the street of Oslo center, Qi has found it severe to connect with passers-by. But once in a while it happens to give new meaning to the project, Qi herself and hopefully the public.

…All in all, most people would say no to participate before I explained what the project is about. But once I explained that this was an art project, their indifference changed to please. Especially three girls gave me warm hugs. Of course there were some people that did not care, but for me this is a valuable experience trying to connect with people.”

Qi Tan

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