What is a Border?


Why do we care about our neighbour´s child but let other children drown in the sea outside our own territory? This was the theme for most of the speakers on Eidsvollsplass this afternoon.

“Who am I?” Photo: Camilla Dahl

“We met some very strict borders when we took Migrant Car from Domkirken to Eidsvollsplass where there was a solidarity demo for refugees at 17:00. We had a lot of work putting the Migrant Car in place in front of the parliament because of physical borders and the guards told us to leave. A CAR could not be inside their territory. They didn’t care about when it was outside of their borders, only when it was inside they wanted it to leave. We told them it was not a car but a migrant wanting to participate in the demo, but didn’t work. We had to leave him in the pavement outside the park, while Border Threads tranceded the barrier easily looking more like a kind of traditional demo thing. The Migrant Car doesn´t fit any of the predefined categories, it´s not a car, it can´t be in the traffic, it´s not a sculpture because it moves and look like a car? People get curious, they come up and ask: What is this?”

Camilla Dahl

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