Outside the Oslo Cathedral


On the 14th of June, Qi and Даша Гринь hosted Migrant Car installed on the lawn outside Oslo cathedral. At 16:30 there was an drop-in meeting in the cathedral discussing the topic of migration. Among Ed D’Souza, artist of the Migrant Car project came also OsloBIENNALE curators Eva González-Sancho Bodero and Per Gunnar Eeg-Tverbakk to join the discussion tells Даша Гринь.

After the meeting, Qi and Даша Гринь met a lot of passersby, observing the variety of encounters and what reflectives it can give towards the means of migrancy, social boundaries, public space etc. Даша Гринь made some notes from the people she met, including a portuguese man who became interested in the Migrant Car project.

“Нe was a very sociable and kind person and I noted with the perspectives of the topic of migration that his brother, who lives Portugal, is married to a girl from Ukraine where I am from too. While communicating, I noticed that migration often implies unification or loss of family members for such reasons as work, other family and health.”

“Also I drew attention to the contrast between reactions of children and adults. Adults which are more aware of the boundaries and rules in a public place, most often, viewed Migrant Car from afar and did not enter the lawn where the car was parked. It was interesting to note that the combination of childlike desire and parental adult fear created a common platform for a closer acquaintance with the car. I believe that adults without children are less decisive and not very open to something new. Maybe this is because children look at this world with a fresh look without imposed taboos, rules and boundaries.”

Даша Гринь

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